No one makes Trump as unsteady as Kamala Harris does

From the time she decided to run, I felt there was an inevitability to California Sen. Kamala D. Harris’s coronation as the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee. A party that has made the demonizing of men — particularly old white men — practically part of its platform cannot tolerate former vice president Joe Biden or Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) as its standard-bearer.

Of course, there’s the danger that Democratic voters in state primaries might cast their ballots for Biden, so party leaders — with help from select media allies — must dispose of him early to avoid the mistake of Republicans in 2015 who thought Donald Trump would implode on his own by early 2016.

Last week’s debate among presidential contenders offered the earliest and best opportunity to take Biden out, and Harris and the media were ready. As soon as Biden defended a local government decision on busing, Harris pounced, reminding Biden that the “states’ rights” argument was always the first line of defense by segregationists. Supportive media types on CNN and MSNBC lauded her for days.

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