American conservatism can't survive Trump

It is not surprising that American conservatism is dying, if brilliantly so, as it lacks the fuel—ideas and values—needed to sustain it. The movement, after all, has been intellectually and morally bankrupt for some time. While multiple forces have contributed to that bankruptcy, there has been no greater catalyst than Donald Trump, who despite knowing almost nothing, ironically, knows a great deal about bankruptcy.

Real conservatives or “Never Trumpers,” as they are sometimes called, understand this reality, which is why they have actively resisted Trumpism. They recognize that Trump has abandoned conservative principles and, as such, poses a serious threat to the conservative movement. But despite their best efforts, it is too late to save American conservatism.

It is too late because the cataclysmic explosion of Trumpism has already occurred. And while this has temporarily breathed new life into conservatism (as evidenced by Trump rallies), it has fundamentally altered the star, replacing it with a weaker, degraded, and significantly more unstable version of itself (as evidenced by Trump rallies).