Well, Trump just won in 2020

Currently, this minute, the Dems seem intent on nominating another strong, independent woman who would have been human wallpaper if she hadn’t hooked up with a potent Democrat male. Hillary had her Bill, at least once, and Kamala had her Willie Brown. Amusingly, after all their fussin’ and fumin’ about Trump’s lifestyle, the Demos are falling head over heels for a woman whose her career began as a mistress. But, of course. her situation was totally different. She’s a liberal.

By the way, Kamala’s heart-felt plea about busing in that racist hot-bed of Jim Crow, Berkeley, was especially amusing to me. I’m two months younger than her, I grew up across the San Francisco Bay from the future Not-Mrs. Wille Brown, and I was bused too. No one cared. It was no biggie in the Bay Area. You weren’t exactly marching to Selma, you goof.

She “won” the debate because she’s the least inept of that cast of mediocrities, and she’s totally inept. She’s just like all the others, just a little less so. Gillibrand is super shrill and super naggy, while Harris is just shrill and naggy. Bernie wants Americans to get off their own lawns so he can redistribute the turf, while Harris might let them keep a few blades of grass. And Marianne Williamson thinks the number one priority for the next president is to immediately communicate with the prime minister of New Zealand via magic crystals while Harris’s position on chakras and energy waves remains unclear.

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