Americans need to hear these 10 things from Robert Mueller

Why did you decline to reach a conclusion as to whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russia? (See above.)

Does the law require that a person actually obstruct an investigation in order for that person to be guilty of the crime of obstruction of justice? (Again, Barr has irresponsibly muddied the waters here. The clear answer is no.)

In your professional judgment, why does federal statutory law makes it a crime to obstruct justice? (The goal of this one is to explain why we penalize obstruction of justice, i.e., it keeps the criminal justice process legitimate and fair for the rest of us.)

In your professional judgment, does Volume II of the report detail sufficient evidence of obstruction of justice to support an indictment by a grand jury and possible conviction of a private citizen for the crime of obstruction of justice? (This is a biggie.)