Leaks, accusations and staff shuffle: Turmoil inside DHS

Amid finger-pointing over where the leak had come from, ICE canceled it over concerns for officer safety. Trump later said he called off the raids at the request of Democrats.

But the leaks enraged ICE officials. Former ICE head Tom Homan , a strong proponent of Trump’s policies, seemed to point a finger at McAleenan during an appearance on Fox News.

“This leak, which I know where it came from, we all know where it came from,” he said. Homan said the leaks put “officers at greater risk of harm.”

Homan told The Associated Press Wednesday that he had never said McAleenan was to blame.

“McAleenan’s a very talented man. I think he’s a smart man. And I hope he’s successful. And I think he’s done some good things,” he said.