I worked as a janitor to keep my student loans low. Wiping debt punishes students like me.

I’m thanking myself now. I graduated in 2017 with a mere $5,000 in student loans — which I expect to pay off in a few years — and I’m still enjoying the benefits of a college degree. Certainly, I’ve had a lot of privileges and I received a valuable education — but I still made sacrifices that many of my peers chose not to. I picked an affordable school over others that could have been better, passed up study abroad and extracurricular opportunities, worked during summers and missed out on my senior year entirely.

I’m frustrated. For folks like me, if all student loan debt is indiscriminately canceled as Sanders proposes, the sacrifices we made are rendered meaningless. And for the many others who gave up even more than I did to be financially independent after college, “frustrated” likely doesn’t even begin to describe how they’re feeling right now.