"Complete this sentence: Donald Trump wins reelection if..."

Danny Diaz: If the Democrats nominate somebody who is ideologically not on par with the general election electorate, by and large defined by voters who don’t have a place at the Democratic table.


Terry Sullivan: That was a long answer.

Danny Diaz: It was the correct answer.

Terry Sullivan: Elizabeth Warren.

Tim Alberta: Wait, he wins reelection if she’s nominated?

Terry Sullivan: Right. Your question was, he wins if the Democrats nominate … and I said Elizabeth Warren.

Danny Diaz: There are like 20 names that you could fill in—

Terry Sullivan: There are, but she is the most awkward individual. It has nothing to do with her being a woman. It has nothing to do with her being a Native American and all of her tribal ancestry. It has everything to do with like she’s weird, she’s awkward. And so, he’ll beat her like a drum.

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