Flynn's new attorney may have one task: Winning a pardon from Trump

The switch in attorneys is unlikely to result in Flynn withdrawing his guilty plea, because he’s already admitted his wrongdoing in court on multiple occasions, Fayhee and Cramer said. Powell had previously said that Flynn would continue to cooperate with the government.

Flynn has all but discharged his obligation under the plea agreement to cooperate with the government. He remains a potential witness in the trial slated for next month against his former business partner on charges of illegal lobbying for Turkey, conduct for which Flynn has already admitted guilt, even though he wasn’t charged with that offense.

“As long as that doesn’t touch the White House and doesn’t touch Trump, a pardon is still in the works,” Cramer said. “That’s the only reason to change horses in mid-stream, is if you’re hiring this lawyer with a clear political bent, sending a message to the White House that you don’t intend on saying anything negative or inculpatory against the president or anyone close to the president.”