Trump learns it’s not always easy going it alone

Two and a half years into his presidency, Trump finds himself increasingly isolated as he forges ahead in each dispute — all exacerbated by his go-it-alone strategy.

“This administration doesn’t care about enlisting allies. We’re moving forward. Period,” said Gérard Araud, who retired as French ambassador to the United States in April. “For us, we are totally at a loss — 60, 70 years of foreign policy thrown overboard.”…

“Trump has approached diplomatic negotiations like business deals, including personal engagement, high stakes gambles and threats to walk away. Yet international relations has complicated and sometimes dangerous second-order effects,” said Amanda Sloat, who served as deputy assistant secretary at the State Department and as a senior adviser on the Middle East at the Obama White House. “Iran, North Korea and China are challenges that predate Trump — so the question is whether his approach is making things worse.”