Video: Angry protesters confront Buttigieg over police killing of black man

“I do not have evidence that there has been discipline for racist behavior in the case so far,” Buttigieg said through a bullhorn in the face of numerous African-American constituents who had gathered outside city hall holding “Black Lives Matter” signs.

“You running for president, you want black people to vote for you, and that’s how you feel? That’s not going to happen,” one woman shot back at him.

Last Saturday, Larson was shot in the stomach by a white police sergeant, Ryan O’Neill, and subsequently died. The police had been responding to reports of possible car burglaries when O’Neill encountered Larson. O’Neill claims Larson was holding a knife and refused to drop it, forcing him to open fire. But since the sergeant’s body camera was inexplicably turned off, there is no way to corroborate O’Neill version of events.