Trump's going to win easily if Democrats don't get their heads out of the sand

He’s got two conservatives onto the Supreme Court, he’s crushed ISIS in Syria and Iraq, he’s forced peace rather than expensive war, he’s got the economy motoring, and his tough positions on illegal immigration at the southern border and the serious danger posed by Iran have both been vindicated – at least to the GOP – by recent events.

As a result, his base is happy.

I’ve spent a lot of time filming crime documentaries in places like Texas, Florida and Alabama in the past year, and the Trump Train isn’t just still travelling in his heartland – it’s steaming.

And the Democrats seem all over the place, unsure whether to go for the age and experience of Joe Biden or the youth and inexperience of a Mayor Pete, and even more unsure whether to pivot to the center or the left.

They’ve stuck their heads like ostriches into the sand, and appear terrified to stick them out again lest the big bad beast of Trump shoots them down again.