Yes, her name really is Dr. Marijuana Pepsi, and her story is amazing

Teachers, classmates, bosses and other people in Marijuana’s life pushed back against her name and teased her. Some suggested she go to court and change it. Some flat out refused to call her that or insisted on Mary, which she rejected.

As much as people blamed and judged her mother for the name, Marijuana credits her mom with making her the strong, balanced, entrepreneurial woman she is today. Her father, Aaron Jackson, lives with his wife in Chicago and is a devout Jehovah’s Witness.

Marijuana is printed right there on her driver’s license. Her mail comes addressed that way. Sometimes, when she’s in a hurry, she uses the initials MP when she calls or encounters someone. That’s just to avoid the 15 minutes of inevitable questions about her name. She has used MP in the real-estate business so that stoners don’t steal her signs.