Why doesn't every persecuted group get a flag at U.S. embassies?

We should all agree that addressing human rights abuses around the world must be a central tenet of U.S. foreign policy. But why is one group singled out and others ignored?

In some of these same countries, women are stoned and executed for adultery and lack the full ability to defend themselves in court since their witness statement carries only “half the weight of a man’s.” Although women can technically vote in most countries around the world today, they are hindered from doing so by systems of male guardianship, oppression, and illiteracy. Furthermore, women in many countries still lack basic rights such as property ownership or legal rights to their children.

Gender-based violence is on the rise around the world, and little girls are still being barred or discouraged from attending school or forced into “marriages.” The issues faced by women around the world should unite the Right and the Left. While we differ on the issue of abortion, we certainly should at least agree on this list.