Hypocrites get last kicks at Sarah Sanders, slobbering over her White House exit

Lockhart is prime proof that nothing succeeds like working for a corrupt, dishonest — and impeached — Democrat.

When he was promoted in October 1998 to replace Mike McCurry, Lockhart was welcomed with a series of puff pieces. None other than George Stephanopoulos — Clinton’s first press secretary and ever since an ABC anchor — dutifully praised him effusively. Stop the presses.

In its profile, The New York Times slobbered, then slobbered some more. “Mr. Lockhart is a Mets and Bruce Springsteen fan who comes across like a regular guy you would probably enjoy having a beer with,” it wrote, saying he “is inclined to fall back on humor as the scandal coverage continues.”

The article, like several others, quoted his wife, who like Lockhart was a former journalist, as saying she hoped he could still get home to read their daughter, Clare, her favorite bedtime story, “Little Bear.’”

Sarah Sanders, who graduated from Ouachita Baptist University in Arkansas, has three young children. I bet you don’t know their names and their favorite bedtime stories.