We know the real Trump. America needs four more years.

So, what is Trump really like? As we show you in the book, he’s a genuinely funny guy who cares about his colleagues and is intent on getting the best out of people. He wouldn’t even offer me a job until he cleared it with my then-employer that it was okay to do so. Who does that these days? Thankfully, my then-employer had my best interests at heart and he let me go.

That’s the measure of the man.

I remember once when a major development project we were involved in got kicked out by politicians, I was shocked. Yes, there was a significant meltdown from head office but then, when the storm had settled, DJT (as we all know him) calmly phoned me and told me to pick myself up, dust myself down, and fight back. Those words of comfort and support were significant and we went on to overturn the decision and get the project built. Never give up, fight on, take each small step at a time and get the job done.

And that’s how he gets the job done, that’s how he has defied all the odds in business and that’s how he became the President of the United States.
Will he stand again? Yes, he will. When Damian and I were in The White House having dinner with him—yes, just the three of us—he told us that he was ready for the battle ahead as he seeks re-election.