Trump is an existential threat -- to global elites like Biden

Hundreds of millions of foreigners would move to the United States if it weren’t for the overtaxed immigration enforcement system and border security apparatus Donald Trump is desperately trying to save. Opening the borders to all of them would mean an abrupt end to our 243-year experiment in self-government.

Yet, on both China and the border, Biden doesn’t show even a hint of the faux-intellectual resolve that he self-righteously directs at President Trump. In fact, he’s running on a platform of undermining President Trump’s tough approach to China and stopping the border wall that Biden himself admitted we needed, once upon a time.

And have we completely forgotten about the threat of terrorism? Has the former vice president forgotten that American servicemen and women still to this day are fighting overseas to protect our country from the spread of another clear existential threat?

If we follow Biden’s logic and ill-conceived rhetoric, he has just placed terrorism below the President of the United States on the list of threats.