If the New York Times can't publish anti-Semitic cartoons, it won't push any cartoons at all

It is as if the paper is saying, “If we cannot run political cartoons that contain anti-Semitic themes, then we cannot run political cartoons at all.”

The simpler fix would be simply to weed out cartoons that contain obvious anti-Jewish bigotry or any overt bigotry, for that matter. But I guess the Times does not trust that its editors could be so discerning…

Honestly, the Times’ handling of this entire ordeal could not be worse. It would be better for the paper to publish offensive materials and defend them, rather than fall back on this weird, childish I’m-taking-my-ball-and-going-home attitude. It is cowardly and censorious, neither of which is a good look for an ostensibly free and outspoken newspaper.