The dangerous big-government allure of “wartime conservatism”

What might a “First Amendment rules-only” Facebook or Twitter look like? Imagine a wild and paranoid dystopia of hateful memes, pornography, and the sharing of personal information to enable harassment. Harassment is illegal of course, but it’s every American’s right to share public information about Sandy Hook families. What other people do with it is their business.

This doesn’t seem like a place you’d want to spend much time, let alone allow your children to do so.

Maybe that’s the point: make these “addictive” spaces unlivable, leading to demands for the government to get into the content moderation business. Americans who value their liberties should be careful of the siren’s call to have government force companies to broadcast anything that isn’t illegal.

And consider what progressives could do with these new regulatory powers over social media. They might determine that proprietary algorithms should be tossed aside for discriminating against marginalized groups and replaced with affirmative action for accounts run by racial, ethnic, and sexual minorities. Yes, “racist” algorithms are a thing.