Impeachment would send Trump and his ego into a tailspin. Dems should just do it.

With all due respect to Pelosi, I think she is drastically underestimating how much Trump wants to avoid going down in history as a president who was impeached by the House of Representatives. Trump may very well be the most legacy-conscious person to ever occupy the Oval Office. We are, after all, talking about a man who plasters his name on every building and property he can get his hands on. The entire composition of Trump’s psychology would be shattered if the House were to impeach him.

Trump is a bully. His theatrics and rhetoric are a mask to hide his deep-rooted insecurities and fears. Why else would a person declare that he is an “extremely stable genius”? Why else would a person brag that he has a “much better apartment” than his detractors? Trump is wired to believe that if he shouts the loudest and longest, he’ll win any fight.

It’s time for Pelosi and congressional Democrats to call his bluff. If they don’t, they are sending the message that from here on out, it is OK for the president of the United States to ignore the oversight authority of the legislative branch. That it’s OK for the executive branch to ignore the rulings of the judicial branch. That it’s OK for a president to commit crimes and obstruct justice.