Think America can ditch Trump in 2020? The world says otherwise

These are only the most recent signs of a global sea change.

Brazilian voters chose conservative gadfly Jair Bolsonaro to clean up the endemic corruption in Brasilia and the violence in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte won his election promising – and delivering – a brutal war against drug dealers and users.

Viktor Orbán in Hungary and the Law and Justice party in Poland continue their nations’ rightward push seasoned with a strong dose of Christian traditionalism.

Paris has been consumed with chaotic “Gilets Jaunes” protests due to a planned fuel tax, as Marine Le Pen’s nationalist party took the lion’s share of last week’s EU votes.

The far-right in Italy did the same with the anti-immigration Lega Party winning the same percentage of votes that the Brexit Party did in the UK.