Ignore the NeverTrump losers who are okay with liberals winning

Now, to his credit, French has personally litigated for conservatives in free speech and religious liberty cases, yet while this legal fight is necessary it is not sufficient. Defending some bullied cake baker is fine, but all the Frenchies are asking the elite for on behalf of Normals is the little tiny dispensation of not being hassled in a small corner of their lives. Pleading for a pass on pro-gay marriage confections is nice, I guess, but that’s marginal skirmishing that doesn’t challenge the metastasizing liberal paradigm. The rest of us aren’t satisfied with the garbage liberal elite grudgingly letting us control our own cake decorating options. We want to burn the whole garbage liberal elite down.

Not the Never Trumpers. They are no threat to the elite because, at their hollow core, they support the existing power structure. That’s why they are so blind to the manifest corruption of the institutions that they are a part of and are therefore invested in. That’s why these saps were so easily suckered by the RUSSIA TREASON COLLUSION!!!! scam. And that’s why Trump and those of us who support him terrify them – because, unlike the Conservative, Inc., cabal, we have nothing to lose if the whole teetering edifice of our crummy ruling class collapses under the sheer weight of its lies and incompetence.

They don’t want things to truly change, except around the margins – a Christian gets to keep his assistant professorship at Gumbo State, slightly fewer babies get butchered because some minor abortion limitation is upheld. That’s all fine and good, but what they really want is just the status quo with a few bespoke tweaks. That’s why they embrace losing the big battles and demand that we do too. That’s why they were eager for Hillary to win. In the nightmare world of infanticide, corporate collectivism and SJW oppression that Felonia Milhous von Pantsuit would have ushered in, people like David French would still have a place, even if it is at their liberal masters’ heels.