Warren may echo Trump talk, but that doesn’t change her statist centralizing essence

Meanwhile, every country that has embraced a “green” economy has suffered through staggeringly high levels of unemployment and economic deterioration. In Spain, for every three traditional manufacturing jobs lost in the green economy, only one new job was created — and many of those new jobs were of higher skills and were very often filled by immigrants. These same patterns played out all across the Western world.

If Warren — or anyone like her — were to be elected president, we would not get a more effective economic nationalist policy agenda. Instead, we’d get the old bait-and-switch that neoliberal politicians have been foisting upon us for decades: Warren likes to talk a big game about protecting workers and then she’ll enact policies that do the exact opposite.

At the end of the day, Warren’s plans have little to do with protecting workers and everything to do with increasing government power while ensuring greater levels of rent-seeking from corporate interests.