California is the future the liberal elite wants for you

Take a walk down the street and see the sights! Look, there’s a schizo with his cargo shorts around his ankles baying at the billboard informing you about how no human being is illegal! Oh, and there’s another homeless druggie muttering to himself about alien carrots stealing his vital essences as he pushes along his stolen shopping cart heaped with refuse. If you’re appalled or distressed by this, you’re the bad guy. Caring means letting lunatics and addicts wallow in the elements enslaved by their insanity and/or sickness. Shame on you for wanting your kids to be able to play outside. Hypodermic needles and piles of human waste on the sidewalk are just part of the price you must pay to dwell in the sun.

This does not go for the nice areas. The liberal poohbahs don’t play that in their neighborhoods. See how quick a mangy doper wandering through Bel Air gets swooped up by the 5-O. This kind of virtue is for your neighborhood; in the ruling class enclaves they only do the signaling.

Take a drive down California’s famous freeways. Actually, not a drive – it’s really a crawl. Putting aside the potholes, there’s been a conscious decision to not improve traffic flow by making the roads wider to accommodate all the illegal foreigners that Sacramento has laid out the welcome mat for. This is intended to force us into public transportation, which the central planners love. After all, when we have cars we can decide where and when to go and they don’t get a veto. They hate that. Our independence and sovereignty gnaws at them.

They hate freedom. Well, our freedom. Not their own – all their climate change talk about sacrifice and stuff is meant for us. We do the sacrificing. They do as they please and preen in the moral spotlight for forcing us Normals to live like serfs.