So now it’s OK to destroy lives in the name of fighting Trump?

Widely criticized for its decision to name the man — or in online parlance, “dox” him — The Daily Beast defended its story as a way to show “that disinformation isn’t the purview of Russia alone.” But who ever believed this?

The Left is so obsessed with the idea that Russia, after its desultory ­social media campaign in 2016, pulls the strings of our democracy that it assumes every noxious piece of content on the internet might have been cooked up in a Russian troll farm.

Even if it’s relevant that someone in New York rather than St. Petersburg produced the video, that didn’t require naming the man — let alone citing an Instagram post of his using an abusive term to refer to a woman who allegedly kicked him on the subway, detailing his employment history, talking to his ex-girlfriend or delving into his guilty plea to a domestic violence charge and an outstanding warrant for his arrest on a probation violation; the man, again, disputes many of these details.

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