Justin Amash for president: A change conservatives can believe in

In response, Republicans have accused him of being an opportunist and an attention hog, which are absurd claims. If Amash’s goals were popularity or career advancement, it would be smarter to be a Trump toady (or simply to keep his powder dry). Indeed, Amash has more to lose than to gain. His primary challenge from a Trump supporter back home in Michigan, coupled with his loss of financial support from the DeVos family, demonstrates how intellectual honesty comes at a price.

Call it a protest vote if you want but Amash is one of very few politicians today that I could support in good conscience. And the good news is that—because he has already demonstrated his moral courage—he might just be crazy enough to do it!

I would certainly support him in a Republican primary, but the better move would be for Amash to run as a third-party candidate (possibly as a Libertarian, if he could win that party’s nomination). Doing so would once again allow people like me to participate in a general election without selling our souls in the process.

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