How Republicans hurt the fight against abortion

I agreed with those adults then, and I agree with them now. But as I’ve grown older, I have also seen ways in which anti-abortion Republicans have also been guilty of ideological inconsistency, ways in which they have made themselves a target for criticism because of what they, too, have left out.

Many millennials who might otherwise lean anti-abortion are troubled by the movement’s union with a Republican Party that is in favor of the death penalty, hawkish in its foreign policy and often duplicitous in its attitude about ending abortion. The Republican Party’s commitment to life — to the flourishing of the vulnerable and the weak — has often been inconsistent, even hypocritical.

What does it say about us, after all, if we condemn the killing of the unborn but ignore the starving of children in Yemen? If we fight abortion but don’t care about the possible extinction of thousands of animal species?

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