Facebook defends decision to leave up fake Pelosi video

“We think it’s important for people to make their own informed choice about what to believe,” said Bickert, who said Facebook is actively telling users that the video is fake even though it won’t take it down. “Our job is to make sure we are getting them accurate information.”

The social media platform, Bickert added, isn’t “in the news business.”

“We aren’t in the news business. We’re in the social media business,” Bickert countered Cooper, who insisted that Facebook is “making money by being in the news business.”

“Well, you are in the news business,” Cooper said. “The reason you’re sharing news is because you make money from it. It keeps people watching you and more involved in your site, which I get, and that’s fair. But if you’re in the news business, which you are, you’ve got to do it right, and this is false information you are spreading.”

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