Boris Johnson’s Trumpian path to No. 10

The former London mayor has more in common with our 45th president than you might think.

When members of your own political party invent a slogan to block your rise to power, it’s likely that you pose a threat to the status quo.

In America three years ago, that slogan was #NeverTrump — establishment conservatives’ call to stop Donald Trump from winning the Republican presidential nomination. In Britain now, it’s “Anyone but Boris,” establishment Tories’ rallying cry as they try to stop Boris Johnson from becoming the next prime minister. And like the #NeverTrump movement, their efforts look destined to fail.

The two men share several obvious qualities. Both make an art out of chaos, packaging dishevelment and disarray into box-office entertainment. Both hold a strange outsider status, as men born to wealth railing against the very establishments in which they’ve spent their lives.

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