Georgia Republicans say President Trump cannot take state for granted

Beneath palpable enthusiasm for President Trump’s reelection bid, Republicans in Georgia are quietly anxious about his 2020 prospects and steeling for a generational battle for the state’s crucial 16 Electoral College votes.

Support for Trump was unquestionable, and colorful, as more than 1,500 delegates to the Georgia Republican Party gathered last week for an annual convention in this port city and tourist mecca. Around every corner of the Savannah Convention Center, confident activists decked out in MAGA hats and other Trump merchandise raved about the booming economy and other administration accomplishments in between photographs with life-size, cardboard cutouts of the president in his signature, thumbs-up pose.

But in conversations with the Washington Examiner, veteran GOP activists were sober about the challenges confronting Trump in Georgia absent a significant investment in resources.

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