The Nation Magazine claims we should end capitalism by destroying the family

Check your calendar folks, it’s not April 1st, This is real! The Nation Magazine is genuinely suggesting that the best way to end capitalism is to eliminate the American family and to take away all children from their parents. Breaking up the family will eliminate civilized society. Although I could agree to the taking away the kids part if we were talking about every other Saturday night from 8pm-1am. My version is called free babysitting. As for eliminating capitalism, it’s true that capitalism is the worst economic system ever created, except for all the others. Capitalism is the only economic system where someone who is not well off has the chance to better themselves and their progeny.

This laughable screed was penned by Rosemarie Ho, someone who thinks “feminist theory” is a legitimate discipline. Ho wrote, “Feminist theorist Sophie Lewis’s new book looks at how rethinking pregnancy and the idea of family as forms of labor is central to emancipatory politics,” as the hook for her May 16 article at The Nation.

This is the nonsense that passes for “thought” on our nihilistic college campuses, folks.

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