Google has a secret page that records all the things you've bought online

Google has a page, tucked away deep in your settings, where all your receipts from shopping online are sorted and saved. Ordered sushi on Seamless? Not only is the receipt there, but it lists out the California rolls and edamame. It doesn’t stop at Seamless either; it includes anything else you might have bought online too (in which a receipt was sent to your Gmail): Amazon, prescriptions, movies, stuff you paid for using Square. And there are the orders placed using Google services, like Google Play Store, Google Express, or through the Google Assistant.

Here’s the link to the page (you have to be logged in):

On the one hand, it makes sense. You get an email receipt for online or in-app purchases, and it’s easy for Google to extract data from that.

But it’s slightly uncanny to see some of the details of the receipts in there. Like my request to not include bean sprouts in any dishes when I ordered Thai once.

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