Jay Inslee is learning that climate change policy is a tough sell

Gov. Jay Inslee lives in a house on a hill that looks over the southernmost finger of the Puget Sound, a stretch of inland seawater that naturalist John Muir found so stunning in its scenery when he visited in the 19th century that he felt it was enough “to satisfy the lover of wild beauty through a whole life.”

Inslee’s perch is good habitat for an environmentalist. In the fresh air under Mount Rainier, his Washington is less swamp and more wetland — a bright blue state that has chosen Democrats in the past eight presidential elections.

Bureaucrats at the state capitol next to the governor’s mansion lunch at the Orca Eats taco truck, next to a stand promoting “eco-conscious cutlery” made from avocado pits. Even the lone anti-vaccine protester driving around the capitol grounds on a recent day with a sign accusing Inslee of “political sabotage media collusion treason” was doing it in a highly fuel-efficient sedan.

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