Will the American political system long endure if victors can't get much done?

Emboldened liberal activists who have been pushing for a raft of transformational changes to the United States are bound to be disappointed no matter the outcome of the next presidential election.

Whether the next occupant of the White House is a triumphantly reelected President Trump, an elderly Joe Biden, or even a representative of the resurgent left-wing such as Sen. Elizabeth Warren, one reality will be the same. The U.S. is not going to enact free college, socialized health insurance, a Green New Deal, a job guarantee, universal free child care, or anything close to these sweeping liberal fantasies.

The reality is that the political system won’t allow it. Even if Democrats gain power in 2020, any Senate majority they have is going to be razor-thin. Republicans will be able to filibuster nearly any major policy initiative. Furthermore, because control of the Senate would be contingent upon winning in states such as Iowa, North Carolina, Arizona, and Georgia, Democrats are not going to be able to cobble together a majority for anything close to what the Sen. Bernie Sanders wing of the party wants, and probably not even whatever “middle ground” Biden conjures up.

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