It’s time for Trump to stop Bolton and Pompeo from sabotaging his foreign policy

“Unless you know the military is going to blink, there’s no reason to try and overthrow the regime,” he said.

Yet that’s what opposition leader Juan Guaido tried to do recently. Apparently he took Pompeo seriously, including his assurance that “The president has been crystal clear and incredibly consistent. A military action is possible. If necessary, that is what the United States will do.”

As at the Bay of Pigs, the U.S. led the rebels to believe they’d get U.S. support. Once again, those who trusted us were hung out to dry.

It’s time for Bolton and Pompeo to be hung out to dry as well.

Once the 2020 campaign begins in earnest, Trump is likely to want to repeat his campaign as the guy who will keep us out of pointless foreign wars.

That won’t work if he’s got a pointless foreign war going on at the time.