Inside Jared Kushner’s two missions impossible

Kushner has been talking up his immigration plan with the aid of a PowerPoint presentation, which detractors have derided as laughably simplistic. In the version he debuted to lawmakers on Tuesday, the slides showed circles placed next to each other representing different potential immigration reforms and flags denoting “peer nations” that have adopted merit-based immigration systems such as Canada, Australia and Japan, according to two Republicans who have viewed the presentation…

While Kushner has told allies that “you don’t get points for effort,” he and others have also said he’ll be content if he’s able to shift the conversation on these issues. One goal, said a senior administration official, is to “reframe the discussion” around Kushner’s forthcoming immigration proposal, which would shift the U.S. away from a family-based migration to a system based on skills.

“What we observed during the shutdown was that everyone on the Republican side was willing to say what they were against but nobody was willing to say what they were for,” said a senior administration official.