Venezuelan opposition leader seeks contact with U.S. military

Guaido told supporters during a rally in Caracas on Saturday that he’s sending his envoy in Washington, Carlos Vecchio, to meet immediately with Florida-based Southern Command, which oversees U.S. military activity in Latin America and the Caribbean, “to be able to establish a direct and far-reaching relationship in terms of cooperation.”

Admiral Craig Faller, the head of Southern Command, said on Twitter this week he was open to meeting with Guaido and what he termed the “legitimate” government of Venezuela…

Guaido has thus far stopped short of openly calling for an invasion, though he’s increasingly floated the idea as an option as the opposition faces an aggressive crackdown from the Maduro regime.

On Friday, he told Italy’s La Stampa newspaper he “would probably accept” an intervention if the U.S. proposed it.

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