AOC has paved the way for Joe Biden to run on nuclear power and win

Ocasio-Cortez’s whining aside, the Reuters report she shared buries one crucial detail, one that could make Biden an actual bipartisan hero for our climate crisis: his support of natural gas and carbon capture, but most radically, of nuclear power.

It’s worth taking this report, relying on two unnamed sources, with a grain of salt. But if Biden does in fact embrace nuclear as a key component of his climate agenda, it will prove revolutionary on a global scale.

Nuclear power is the modern world’s greatest weapon against climate change. It is also the perennial villain of the Western left. The left-wing war on nuclear power began with former U.K. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who both acknowledged the imminent threat of pollution and climate change on civil society as well as economically and ecologically antiquated model of the coal industry. Thatcher found an easy solution while sparring with the coal miners’ union in embracing nuclear power. With just a few decades of development, nuclear would prove cheap in the long run, safe, and most importantly, clean.