There are some things Trump can't forgive, even among loyalists

But among the few cardinal sins that could lead to an unceremonious ousting from the Trump bubble, according to one person close to the president, is the perception that someone is “stealing from the boss” by using the Trump name to make money. Mr. Trump has used that term to describe Mr. Bossie’s activities, according to two people close to him.

In the president’s always-fractious circle, Mr. Bossie’s detractors hope he will be benched for the foreseeable future. But that may be wishful thinking.

Mr. Trump, who famously loathes one-on-one interpersonal conflict, hesitated a few times before ultimately agreeing to the statement that the campaign sent out denouncing “dishonest” fund-raising groups. Even then, the statement didn’t name Mr. Bossie. And some in Mr. Trump’s circle who dislike Mr. Bossie and his access to Mr. Trump fear that the president will follow a familiar pattern of shunting someone aside, only to bring him back after a period of penance.

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