It's come to this

Still, the Book Club refuses to stop their escalation and tells Diane that the attack on Tyrek was a success for their cause, “Did you watch MSNBC? It’s about killing begetting killing, it’s exactly the point we wanted to make.” If a man is killed during a SWAT raid, well, that’s just too bad. The means justify the end for them. It’s the “rules of warfare” and the war is against President Trump. They go on to threaten Diane if she turns the group in, saying, “We’ll be watching.”

Last year the series joked about assassinating President Trump, then this year called for fighting free speech with violence, tweeted an image with a subliminal message to Assassinate President Trump, and now has used swatting to kill off a thinly-veiled Stephen Miller character. This is Trump Derangement Syndrome to the extreme and it is dangerous. If simple criticism of Rep. Ilhan Omar is considered an incitement to violence, then what do we call this?

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