"You don’t have to date him": the women standing by Trump in 2020

Women who spoke with the Guardian echoed the organizers’ sentiment on the need to network. Barbara Freeborn, who was attending her first event, said women are “hesitant” to show support for the president “because of all the negative press and media biases” and a fear they will be “attacked”.

“We realized there are an awful lot of women listening to the fake news, and they think our president doesn’t have the support of women voters. We know that’s fake, right?” another co-founder, Mariane Sheridan, asked as she drew loud cheers and gestured toward the tables filled with women at a golf-themed restaurant called The Masters.

“You’re like-minded, and you look around and realize you’re an army. We are doing this because we love the president … and you just need to be able to show it,” said Maddock.

But Women for Trump is aiming for much more than camaraderie.

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