Coming to appreciate stay-at-home moms

In short, this small group of seven full-time mothers, two of whom are grandmothers—Arab, Jewish, Kiwi, Scottish, Irish and Texan—breathed life back into me and helped me find the wherewithal to face my legal and financial challenges. It was a natural extension of what they did every day for their own families. They pour out their time and love—in an often unsung and unnoticed way that really matters and changes lives.

All these women were successful professionals before they married and had children. All chose to stay at home and, as one put it, “invest in the most important corporation—my family.” Another said she realized she was “outsourcing my life, including my family, and I didn’t like to think where that might lead.” She gave up her role at a Fortune 50 company. Their career sacrifice gave their families solid foundations and emotional security.

They understand the first rule of any relationship, business or personal—the importance of being present. Ask executives what the most important part of their business is, and they’ll say people—human capital.

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