There are no Trump mysteries

There really are no Trump mysteries. His flaws aren’t hidden away. He often attests to them himself, or demonstrates them publicly. For someone who cares so much about his image, and so assiduously crafts it, he’s a relative open book.

No blockbuster report has more than a passing effect because each dispatch is, ultimately, another dot in a pointillist portrait of the president that was largely completed long ago.

This is also why the hope that we are one investigation, tax return, or subpoena away from the revelation that will finally bell the cat and bring Trump down — or even make a difference — is almost certainly forlorn. What would be devastating material against anyone else loses all shock value.

Certainly, it was news that he had paid off a porn star and a former Playmate during the presidential campaign, and highly embarrassing. This is why Trump denied it for so long. But he’d already told us about his womanizing in his own words, often on “The Howard Stern Show.”

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