Stormy Daniels: I'm not sure Trump is worse than Avenatti

Daniels went on to breeze through a number of questions about Michael Avenatti, her recently indicted former attorney. Asked if she was ever attracted to Avenatti, Daniels revealed that she was actually never alone with her ex-lawyer—“not once.” Besides, she quipped, “he thought he was prettier—that’s a huge problem for me.” Responding to a follow-up—who’s a better person, Trump or Avenatti?—Daniels seemed uncharacteristically stumped, conceding, “I don’t know.”

Near the end of the evening, an audience member asked Daniels about Trump’s hypothetical future downfall. Daniels remarked that, as she sees it, Trump could be caught “raping kittens” on camera and still not face a significant reckoning. “Allowing someone to get away with things that are definitely illegal sets a very terrifying precedent,” Daniels continued, explaining to the crowd that she was choosing her words very deliberately. “It’s basically a green light.”

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