How "Game of Thrones" has got it in for people of color

The disposability of POCs in Game of Thrones is something that we’ve had to get used to. Bye Khal Drogo! Laters, Oberyn! Farewell, Dothraki horde! See you on the other side, Sand Snakes! This is a show with a high kill count, of course, but, when there are already so few black or brown characters, seeing them drop like flies at the hands of white characters, in service to other white characters, makes it all the more frustrating.

Some fans will bang on about George RR Martin’s show being based on British medieval history as a reason for the lack of POC characters, or that they exist merely as slaves or barbaric deviants – but it’s not actually a historical show, is it, friends? It’s a fantasy filled with fire-breathing dragons, the walking dead and a kid who can make like Professor X and take control of the minds of animals or Hodors.

At this point, is it really too much to ask for some fan service paid to the brown characters for once?

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