Michael Cohen becomes an inmate

“He’s going to jail, and the president is still flying around on Air Force One,” said Donny Deutsch, a friend of Mr. Cohen and the host of “Saturday Night Politics With Donny Deutsch” on MSNBC. “There’s something wrong with that, period. No matter how you feel about Michael, no matter how you feel about the president, that to me is not justice.”…

Still, Mr. Cohen may be able to shave a few months off his sentence if prison officials determine that he has displayed good behavior while locked up. Mr. Cohen was also assigned to the prison he requested: the Federal Correctional Institution in Otisville, about 75 miles northwest of New York City.

The minimum-security camp there is appealing to Mr. Cohen for several reasons, including its proximity to his family in New York. It also offers a personal comfort for Mr. Cohen, the son of a Holocaust survivor, that is rare in the federal prison system: dozens of other Jewish inmates, as well as religious classes and weekly Shabbat services.

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