Venezuela's Guaido doesn't rule out U.S. military action

Venezuela’s opposition leader Juan Guaido said he cannot rule out the option of the U.S. military working with his nation’s armed forces to oust President Nicolas Maduro, telling the Washington Post that such an offer from the Trump administration would have to be voted on in the parliament he leads.

Guaido, who is the National Assembly president and is recognized as the country’s legitimate leader by President Donald Trump and about 50 other countries, suggested he expected many more defectors from the military, along with Maduro’s resignation, after the opposition leader led a failed uprising this week. The move to push out Maduro and call for free elections still needs more military support, he said.

Instead of unilateral U.S. intervention, Guaido said such an operation would have to be accompanied by Venezuelan forces, without offering further details. He said he welcomes U.S. deliberations on military options because his movement is also considering all possibilities.

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