Venezuela's mess could benefit Trump in 2020

Not only is Florida one of a handful of states that will determine the next president, it’s nearly impossible to imagine a path for Trump’s reelection that doesn’t include Florida on the electoral map.

I’m not suggesting that Republican support for Guaidó isn’t sincere. But it is fair to say that this might be one of those rare times where philosophy and political strategy happily overlap.

Whereas Trump has strayed from the hawkish Republican line (at least rhetorically) when it comes to places like Syria, he has been crystal clear (with apologies to MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace) when it comes to Venezuela…

What is more, the benefits could outlive the 2020 election cycle. The GOP’s support of Guaidó, juxtaposed with prominent progressives refusing to condemn the Maduro regime and accusing the U.S. of aiding a “coup,” are causing headaches for Florida Democrats. “Just like with the Cuban-American population, I see an opportunity to take that political support for a generation or more,” Michael Touchton, a University of Miami political science professor, told Fox News.

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