Why does Israel need the American peace plan?

THE QUESTION I wonder about, though, is, why does Israel even need this American plan? Why doesn’t it simply decide for itself and by itself what it wants and then implement that vision? Why does Israel – a country known for its amazing innovation and courage – need a foreign sovereign power to draft a secret plan that will one day be dropped on it? Does it not have the ability to decide what it wants on its own?

Next week, Israel will celebrate 71 years of statehood and independence. This is an amazing achievement. From a nation of refugees, we have become a military and economic superpower. Do we not know how to decide how to end our conflicts and work toward peace?

If he only wanted, Netanyahu could decide to do whatever he wants when it comes to the Palestinians. Now in the midst of coalition talks, he could form his next government around this issue: If he were to decide suddenly tomorrow morning to negotiate a two-state solution, he’d likely be able to bring Blue and White into his government; and if he were to decide to annex all of the West Bank, he could already do that with his outgoing government as well as the one he seems bent on establishing in the coming weeks.

So why doesn’t he decide? Because indecision is sometimes easier than decision.

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