Comey defends FBI's investigation in response to NYT "spying" report

“Already some Trump supporters are saying, ‘Aha! You see? We are right! The president is right!” Feldman said to Comey. “The FBI and the … so-called deep state, they were spying on an American presidential campaign — and this story is proof of that.’”

Comey hesitated at first to respond to the KNX 1070 AM host before justifying the FBI’s actions.

“Really? What would you have the FBI do? We discover in the middle of June of 2016 that the Russians were engaged in a massive effort to mess with this democracy to interfere in the election. We’re focused on that and at the end of July we learn that a Trump campaign adviser — two months earlier, before any of this was public — had talked to a Russian representative about the fact that the Russians had dirt on Hillary Clinton and wanted to arrange to share it with the Trump campaign,” Comey said…

“What should the FBI do when it gets that information? It should investigate to figure out whether any Americans are hooked up with this massive interference effort. And that’s what we did.” Comey said.