Trump attacks Biden despite Kushner directive to lay off Dem field

Targeting specific Democratic presidential hopefuls was at best a waste of time — and could even be counterproductive, Kushner warned.

“Basically what he has advised the campaign is, now is not the moment for them to be making news or attacking anyone,” said the person familiar with Kushner’s strategy…

The two approaches reflect divided opinion among Trump’s aides, advisers and Republican supporters. One school of thought holds that an early front-runner like Biden—who some Trump advisers fear is the strongest Democratic in the field given his moderate credentials—must be attacked early and often. Another argues that engaging Biden gives the Democrat exactly what he wants in a 20-candidate primary field: the image that he is already waging a head-to-head battle with a rattled incumbent.

“We’ve asked him — I’ve personally asked him — to stop. It’s not helping us. It’s helping Biden,” said one Trump adviser. “We don’t think Biden can make it out of the woke Democrat primary. But he will if the president gives him oxygen.”

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